Solving murders by magic poses impossible challenges for the San Francisco Police Department given that non-magical people don’t know that magic exists… That’s where Private Investigator Bonnie Glock steps in. She specializes in cracking the most unusual cases, yet the department doesn’t know how she does it – they don’t realize that she has access to magic. Keeping her secret is challenging, especially after Bonnie learns that more than a lone killer mage is loose in San Francisco…

If you liked The Dresden Files, Mercy Thompson, or Rivers of London, then you’ll love A J Walker’s new Bonnie Glock Mystery. Unlock Into the Mixed today.

Disrupting wizards’ attempts to destroy the non-magical world is what Bonnie Glock does best. Mages gone bad, however, aren’t the only magical threat to humanity. 


Sleuthing as a private investigator and consultant for the SFPD, this young witch and her Normal human partner keep the streets of San Francisco clean of wizarding crime. From homicidal mages to spellcasting shapeshifters, they face supernatural opposition. When a vampire-led movement raises tensions in the wizarding world, things change. Bonnie and Cy are faced with a unique killer; one they haven’t encountered before. A blood-thirsty slayer, exiled and forgotten…


If you like The Dresden Files or Mercedes Thompson series, then A J Walker’s new supernatural mystery is perfect for you. Read this third installment of the Bonnie Glock Mystery series today.

Magic is used in human sacrifice. It means only one thing to Bonnie Glock. A killer mage is in the Mixed…


When an illegal wand deal goes wrong, Bonnie’s opportunity to catch a notorious wizard slips her grasp. In the wake of her failed arrest, a Normal turns up dead. Now, she finds herself in a deadly game of hide and seek with multiple criminal mages. After discovering a powerful wand is keeping the killer in the city, Bonnie and her partner test their investigative limits. With a powerful wand in the wrong hands, the world Bonnie cares about could crumble into chaos.


Finding Justice is the second book in the Bonnie Glock Mystery series. If you like The Dresden Files and Mercedes Thompson series, then A J Walker’s latest novel is perfect for you. Start reading the Bonnie Glock Mystery series today.


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Free Short Stories

It takes more than just courage to solve supernatural crime in the non-wizarding world, and Bonnie Glock’s no basic witch…


When Bonnie learns that the MIA – Magic Intelligence Agency – has been turning a blind eye to the criminal activity of witches and wizards in the non-magical city of San Francisco, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Working as a private investigator, Bonnie uses her magical abilities to hunt down the mages who take advantage of a lack of wizarding law enforcement among the non-magical realm.


Since the people of San Francisco are unaware that the wizarding community exists, Bonnie is forced to keep her witch identity secret from the non-magical ‘Normals’ she works with. If the handsome young detective she collaborates with ever finds out, it would cost her everything. As Bonnie tries to clean up the streets between these two worlds, she finds herself having to bend the rules in order to get the job done. In a world where mages despise Normals and wizarding crimes cause innocent people to suffer, a witch like Bonnie could be their only hope.  


If you enjoy reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, then you’re going to love Bonnie Glock. This action-packed and fast-paced urban fantasy mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more. Bonnie Glock: Magical Private Investigator is the first short story in an exclusive prequel series to the upcoming novels. Start reading today.


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As I continue my career, I plan on producing unique worlds and engaging characters that my readers will love. Though I don’t kayak off ninety-foot waterfalls or run Class-V whitewater as frequently, I have plenty of personal experiences that I can draw from to authenticate my style of writing. If you enjoy my writing, you can follow me on social media or join my newsletter to ensure you never miss a new release. Happy reading. 

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