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Short Stories 1-3

It takes more than just courage to solve supernatural crime in the non-wizarding world, and Bonnie Glock’s no basic witch…


When Bonnie learns that the MIA – Magic Intelligence Agency – has been turning a blind eye to the criminal activity of witches and wizards in the non-magical city of San Francisco, she decides to take matters into her own hands. Working as a private investigator, Bonnie uses her magical abilities to hunt down the mages who take advantage of a lack of wizarding law enforcement among the non-magical realm.


Since the people of San Francisco are unaware that the wizarding community exists, Bonnie is forced to keep her witch identity secret from the non-magical ‘Normals’ she works with. If the handsome young detective she collaborates with ever finds out, it would cost her everything. As Bonnie tries to clean up the streets between these two worlds, she finds herself having to bend the rules in order to get the job done. In a world where mages despise Normals and wizarding crimes cause innocent people to suffer, a witch like Bonnie could be their only hope.  


If you enjoy reading Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files, then you’re going to love Bonnie Glock. This action-packed and fast-paced urban fantasy mystery will keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more. Bonnie Glock: Magical Private Investigator is the first short story in an exclusive prequel series to the upcoming novels. Start reading today.


Solving murders by magic poses impossible challenges for the San Francisco Police Department given that non-magical people don’t know that magic exists… That’s where Private Investigator Bonnie Glock steps in. She specializes in cracking the most unusual cases, yet the department doesn’t know how she does it – they don’t realize that she has access to magic. Keeping her secret is challenging, especially after Bonnie learns that more than a lone killer mage is loose in San Francisco…

If you liked The Dresden Files, Mercy Thompson, or Rivers of London, then you’ll love A J Walker’s new Bonnie Glock Mystery. Unlock Into the Mixed today.

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Upcoming Book Launch Dates:

  1. Finding Justice - 8/4/2020

  2. Exiled and Forgotten - 8/25/2020


The Bonnie Glock Mystery Series


Book 1

A young man forced into action. A juvenile dragon alone in a new world. Whispers of a terrible evil returning to power.


Nineteen-year-old Anders lived a fairly normal life until the only family he had was taken away from him. When he finds himself forced to embark on an action packed adventure, he discovers there is more to the world than he was told. The magical force that flows within everything around him becomes revealed. Dragons, elves, orcs, and goblins lurk around nearly every turn along the path as he pursues his two kidnapped cousins.


As Anders discovers more about his family’s past, he learns of their involvement in The War of The Magicians and the circumstances leading up to the attack of his hometown. When Anders is told about his potential involvement in a prophecy involving dragons and their powerful magic, he will need to make a difficult decision. Will he continue to follow the path that is laid out for him or can he make his own destiny? Will he ever be reunited with his family again? And if he succeeds, will he ever be able to return to the life he once knew?


Bond of a Dragon: Zahara’s Gift is the first book in an adventure fantasy series.


If you like fast-paced adventure novels, fierce dragons, powerful magic, and a hero fighting for justice, then you’ll love the fantastic starter in A. J. Walker’s new page turning series.


Unlock Bond of a Dragon: Zahara’s Gift to embark on this great adventure today!


Book 2

A dragon and her rider put to the test. Betrayal among allies. With Kartania’s fate in the balance, who will take control?

Anders knows the war to stop Merglan from reclaiming his grip on the world is just beginning. With no certainty about where or when Merglan will attack next, Anders and his companions must take action to stay one step ahead of the cruel sorcerer and his evil dragon.

As he searches for ways to stop Merglan’s domination of their world, Anders discovers more than he expected. With several nations of Kartania on the brink of collapse, he must make a difficult decision. Is the young rider ready to deal with the consequences he’s facing? Can Anders overcome the odds and unravel the secrets of the sapphire soul?

Bond of a Dragon: Secrets of the Sapphire Soul is the second novel in an adventure fantasy series.

If you like gripping suspense, bold dragonriders, and page-turning action, then you’ll love A J Walker’s latest installment in the Bond of a Dragon series.

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Book 3


In the end, all kings must fall.

Anders is lost and without guidance. Merglan’s imperial grip tightens on the free nations. A Resistance movement arises to combat venomous magic, but is it too late?

When Anders awakens in a foreign land, he finds himself far from the campaign in Southland and anxious to get back. The sapphire’s intoxicating grip has given him more than just a craving for power. Its tainted magic pushes him closer to the precipice of becoming more like the evil that he is foretold to destroy. In his attempts to resist the darkness, Anders must work through his pain before he can return to the fight he abandoned so suddenly.

After the allied armies are forced to disband, the five nations begin to feel the effects of the dark sorcerer’s imperial rule. Foreign invaders occupy Westland. Southland is flooded with orcs. Humans and dwarfs must band together in resistance. Unlike the elves, who can hide behind their magically protected walls, the other races in Kartania’s kingdoms are drastically affected by the absence of an allied dragonrider. With the fate of Kartania hanging in the balance, will these various allegiances unite to combat Merglan’s expansion? Can Anders work with his dragon, Zahara, gain back what advantage they once had? Will Kirsten survive long enough to see Westland’s revolt? What has become of Ivan and those left behind in Southland?

Bond of a Dragon: Fall of the Kings is the third installment in the Bond of a Dragon series. This highly suspenseful and emotional tale builds to a crescendo in the final chapters; don’t miss out on this epic by A J Walker.

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Book 4

Merglan has the source of true magic within reach. Evils not seen in Kartania for hundreds of years wreak havoc on the forces of Westland. The last of the dragonriders must fight for Kartania’s freedom or be extinguished.


After Anders learns of Merglan and his dragon’s violent takeover of the elf capital, he is faced with the burden of leading the allied forces to their last stand. The only problem is, he doesn’t know where his allies are, or if they’re even still alive. The elf army is divided and in ruin, the dwarfs have been driven from their city under the mountain, and the humans are scattered across their kingdoms, all struggling to stay alive. Merglan could attack Anders, his dragon, and their small army at any moment.


With Anders attempting to juggle his role in the prophecy, the prospect of becoming king, and the future of the allied nations, he struggles to stay one step ahead of Merglan. Knowing the allied armies are scattered and he is outmatched in his skills as dragonrider, Anders and the leaders of the Westland Revolutionary Army form a plan. Knowing the fate of Kartania will be decided with his life, Anders will need help during this last stand. Can he find his allies and bring them together? Or will he and the forces of Westland be overwhelmed by Merglan and his evil army? Will the rise of the dragonriders be enough to fulfill the prophecy?


Rise of the Dragonriders is the fourth and final installment in the young adult fantasy series, Bond of a Dragon. If you like fantasy adventure, powerful magic, heroic characters who fight for what’s right, and a series finale that is sure to satisfy, then you’ll love this epic tale by A J Walker.


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