In Rhydenar, ancient dragon remains possess rare magic; elements used to fight an age-old war. A war where the enemy is a people born of dragon fire. An enemy who uses dragon hearts to wield fiery magic. An enemy known as the Volurem. In this world, the strong survive, the politically astute thrive, and those with dragon remains reign supreme.


As the Rhydarian Empire prepares for a tough season of fighting the fire of the Volurem, agents of corruption scheme to remove the Emperor. One cloudless night, Shylo walks into a living nightmare. His host’s villa is the target of a blood feud. This one, more vicious than any other quarrel among the Noble houses, leaves every member dead, except Shylo. Just as Shylo discovers the massacre, bells toll from the palace, bells that only ring for two reasons – an army of Volurem threatening to burn the city, or the death of the Emperor. Shylo realizes he’s now a loose end in a plot far broader than a blood feud between Nobles. He’s caught in the crossfire of a fight for Imperial control and needs to clear his name. He quickly learns, he’s not alone… 


Emperor’s Fate is the first book in a thrilling new epic fantasy series. Dive into a story where magic is used in armor, swords, and military strategy. Where the most powerful people aren’t solely those who wield magic but also those who design political subterfuge. Where a plot to overthrow the Empire brings unsuspecting characters together, forcing unlikely partnerships. This is a book where epic worldbuilding meets one-of-a-kind characters in a plot that will keep you turning the pages. Start reading Emperor’s Fate today!